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TIM Partners

One problem of TIM is that I am the only person in the world who is able to give support for it. This is why I am looking for partners all over the world where people speak German, French or English.

Prerequisites for TIM partners

  • If you never used the DOS command prompt on your computer: don't read on.
  • If you never used any DOS software: don't read on.
  • If you need your mouse more often than your keyboard: don't read on.

Responsibilities of a TIM partner

  1. First degree: Telling people about TIM

    Starts if you know some company who might be interested in TIM. With my help you must learn what TIM can do and what he cannot do. You speak with potential customers in order to make an analysis of their needs. You give report of your analysis to me. You are the customers contact person for commercial problems. You don't worry about technical problems since the actual support is given by me.

    Money : you get a percentage on each new installation. You write the invoices to the customer. I write invoices to you.

  2. Second degree: Learning to give support for TIM

    Starts if you have a few customers who prefer to communicate with you (instead of me) about their technical problems. One reason for this could be that you live next to them while I am so far away.

    You should have experience with database and user interface design. You must communicate efficiently with me so that I can help you to help.

    Money : you pay a fixed yearly partner membership fee to me, and you arrange with your customers as you want. Most easy would be to continue my membership system.

  3. Third degree : TIM expert

    Starts if we agree that the contact between me and you has become a teamwork and that you are more a help than a burden for me. Congratulations! Your student time is over, you are now an expert. I am glad that we met, I don't want any money from you, you get occasional advice for free.

How to become a TIM partner?

Send me an E-Mail if you are interested to become a TIM partner.